Check out Goldilocks and the three bears, or as i call it Goldilocks and her Three Bears If you find my work pretty awesome Please feel free to drop be a line, I’m always open for commissions.  If i am busy note i will get to it at some point […]


Legend of Zelda Short film Update

My short film is looking to have about 5 min 7 sec of animation o.O OMG lol this is an estimate .. very ruff, i’m pretty sure I’ll be shaving at least a minute.5 off this project. But this is a ruff guess, now on to the Redoing the Story […]

Puttin in work

Been busy for the last few weeks!! 1. Moving to Arizona 2. Working on a music video 3. Working on building my business, and let me be the first to tell you it is no Small feed, but the return should be good, Alright In preparation of Game of Thrones […]

ON a Roll

Watched some Kill la Kill Recently was pretty dope you should check it out

Seems a bit easy

feels really easy to post updates, but I’m not much of a true blogger, I tend to enjoy just sharing with my art, but I want to get use to doing this more.