Legend of Zelda “Tales from the Sun-Origin”

If you know me, you know i have a very soft spot for everything Legend of Zelda, I’ve been pretty hush hush about this project up until now, i’ve been working on a short film. with a Samurai style link. It will be A Short animation featuring 7 characters from the series (actually 4 but some of them have multiple forms) I hope to get a bunch of people involved in the development of project, as I continue to move forward with this awesome short story. I hope you all will enjoy seeing Link in this new light. I feel like it will be received well because while i was working on this, 2 people on line created a Samurai style link and Nintendo them selves showed off a dynasty warriors type game with The legend of Zelda franchise.

So without further ado, here it is check it out give me feed back and lets see where we can take this. I’ll update often!


Shout out!!! to everyone that helped me along the way
(this list will be updated often)
Toby Cochran = reviewing storyboards
Michelle Yoon = color key and Lead color artist on the film
Irene Sanchez = Logo