I have never been good at keeping this site up to date, but I think I must now more than ever. There is an event I go to every year called , Creative talent network, or known to most as CTN. Around this time is when I begin my so called “New year” resolution. Mostly due to the fact that, at this event I tend to draw most of my inspiration. Being around a lot of like minded people. Unlike comic cons and other conventions this one is very specific. Everyone that goes to this event is in animation or aspiring to be part of the of animation in some form or fashion. I get to meet tons of new faces and kick it with all the long time friends. Today will mark my new year, I will update more often I will keep people posted on what is going on. In life, in art , in big news. 😁 Thank you before hand for your support and inspiration. I hope to create fun things that everyone can enjoy for years to come. Cheers!!